Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine flew

I've got my latest actuarial exam on Monday morning. It won't be easy but I'm ultra-prepared for anything the examiner might throw at me. All topics covered in minute detail. All formulae committed to memory. All past exam papers attempted. All pigs taxiing on the runway, ready to fly. And with the amount of coverage swine flu has received in the past week, I'm beginning to think that maybe pigs can fly. Over half the emails I got at work this week were related to the virus.
On Thursday I met up with Brendan from the men's group. He's certainly an interesting bloke - he must have one of Auckland's biggest calculator collections. The weather today has been shocking - I even managed to get some study done though I fear it might be about two months too late. Tomorrow is forecast to be fine so I'll go to Birkenhead to look at an open home for the first time ever. I'll see if I can bring Julie along - she actually seems to enjoy this real estate business.
As you've probably gathered, I'm not overly confident about Monday's exam, so my next post is likely to be of the "mortem" variety.

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