Saturday, February 6, 2010


My car got nicked while I was away. I had it parked outside my flat (well not exactly outside, maybe three doors down on the other side of the road, I can't remember precisely). Whatever, it's gone now. And for the first 24 hours after I got back from the South Island I was too depressed and dead to the outside world to even notice. I called the local police, then my insurance company. "There's no insurance on that car." "What? I'd never dream of having a car uninsured." But when I moved into this place I never let my insurance company know, so I never got the letter telling me it was up for renewal, and I'd let it lapse. I've always had problems with organisation. I'm particularly bad with mail. In the last couple of years, for some psychological reason, I've tried to avoid opening it. I'd let two weeks' worth pile up in my letterbox before bringing it in, I'd wait another week to open it and at least one more week would go by before I did anything about it. I've made some recent improvements on that score but it's still a problem.

I've since come to terms with not having a car. It wasn't worth much and thankfully I hadn't left anything valuable inside. Maybe it'll still turn up. It's such a common car (and colour) that on numerous occasions in the last two days I've been convinced I've seen it.

I played interclub tennis this afternoon, making the most of the sun. Unfortunately I had the tricky task of playing with Superman - again. I felt I was letting him down - again - but at least this time we ended up on the right side of the ledger, winning 6-4 4-6 6-3 in a fraction under two hours. I haven't won in two sets, in singles or doubles, since the very first match of the season. The woman we were due to play in the mixed pulled out because of the heat. That was a shame but in some ways it was nice just sitting in the sun watching the other matches. I expect to be spending a fair chunk of tomorrow down at the club too - they've got a working bee with some tennis afterwards. What is it with this word "bee"? There are working bees, spelling bees and plenty of Esso bees. Maybe one day I'll even find a suitable jay-oh-bee.

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