Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I'm pretty bad at the whole eye-contact thing at the best of times, but after Monday night's autism meeting I realise that the moment I talk about a sensitive topic, all eye contact goes completely out the window. That was a good meeting - some of us really got down to the nitty-gritty. I've already been in contact with that guy about relationship strategies (from his email he's obviously a clever bloke). You never know, something might happen one day. If the Pope can abdicate I guess anything is possible.

Wrestling will be deleted from the Olympics after 2016. That's a crazy decision for a number of reasons. One, there's so much history behind the event at the games. Two, you don't need much money to compete in wrestling, so it's a sport that poorer nations have traditionally done well at. That poorer countries were able to win medals was surely a good thing. Three, they're replacing wrestling with sports like golf where the Olympics doesn't represent the pinnacle of the sport. It seems we've now got a new Olympic ideal: make as much money as we can.

On Campbell Live last night they compared the prices of supermarket shopping in NZ and the UK. A $200 shop in Auckland was a third cheaper in London. They cited the lack of competition here (only two players in the market) as opposed to the highly competitive situation over there (frequent price wars and loss-leading - I remember 7p loaves of bread and the infamous baked bean wars). Also many foods are tax exempt in the UK. The exchange rate (almost 54p to the dollar, when it was in the mid-thirties not so long ago) obviously doesn't help either.

Mum and Dad will be arriving tomorrow.

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