Monday, March 4, 2013

I don't wanna live in Bucklame

I snapped this piece of graffiti yesterday, just around the corner from my flat. It took me a second or two to figure it out. Ah yes, Bucklame is what my predictive text comes up with when I try and type Auckland. A quick Google tells me people have been using Bucklame as a nickname for the Super City for some years. Presumably the yellow scrawl (which is already gone - impressive work by the graffiti removal squad) is a reference to all the road works, which are more commonly seen in the Big Smoke.

Tomorrow is census day. I applied for a job with Statistics New Zealand in Christchurch as soon as I arrived in the country in 2003. I would have been working on the 2006 census. I got an interview but didn't get the job. A pity really - I think I'd have liked it. I applied for dozens of jobs on my arrival in NZ. Only one of those was in Bucklame, and of course I got that one.

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