Friday, June 21, 2013

6000 feet of snow down to two feet

That's a joke my uncle would make when anyone inquired about the weather. Snow has been coming down in Geraldine all morning, as it has in much of the South Island.

My 2:15 flight to Timaru yesterday was cancelled 25 minutes before it was due to take off. I'd been refreshing the website all morning, half-expecting the plug to be pulled on my flight, but of course they didn't cancel it until the last minute. I managed to get on a flight to Christchurch (on an 80-odd-seater plane I now know to be an ATR) and was lucky to get out of Wellington at all. The wind had really sprung up by the time we took off shortly before four. "All remaining customers are invited to board the aircraft." Customers? Didn't we used to be passengers? I didn't like hearing "customers" in that context, even if that's what we are. It's like the way BNZ refers to its branches as stores.

I'm grateful to Mum and Dad who drove up to collect me in the wintry weather. We had some tasty fish and chips at Rakaia and got to Geraldine at sevenish. Last night gales wreaked havoc on Wellington and no flights are currently leaving the airport at all.

I had a good chat on the phone with my brother last night. The saga with his ex-fiancée (which, unbelievably, is not yet over) has made him vehemently anti-NZ. He's vowed never to set foot in the country again after he leaves on 1st August. I'm hoping he'll still be able to see me in Wellington in late July but I wouldn't bank on anything right now.

Dad has a headache and is happy his bowls has been called off.

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