Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hot-air balloon disaster

Eleven people died yesterday morning in the Wairarapa when their hot-air balloon went up in flames. Imagine being up there, 200 metres above the ground, the basket in flames, able to do nothing. This account (from the Herald website) gives you some idea:
"And it shot up in the air, which I guess was because of the heat, and we saw two people jump out and everyone was screaming - the screaming was just terrible - and then when the canopy went up in flames it just dropped."
I'm still a bit puzzled by what happened - whether it hit a power line before bursting into flames - but it will all come out I'm sure. If yesterday had been anything like today in terms of weather, those eleven people would still be with us.

I've hardly poked my nose out the door today, such as been the wet and windy Wellington weather. Yesterday was fine though for most of the day.

Friday wasn't a good day at work. I really didn't want to be there. More about that next time.

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