Monday, January 30, 2012


I was almost a complete wreck at work today after listening to last night's Australian Open final that went seven minutes shy of six hours. I slept through most of the middle stages but woke up in time for Nadal to escape from the jaws of defeat in the fourth set, then go ahead 4-2 in the fifth. At that point it seemed Rafa would do it. It's a shame I couldn't see it (no I'm not going to rush out and get Sky) - these two guys play almost impossible tennis, such as Nadal sliding to pick up balls from well outside the tramlines. It's worth noting that Nadal had a break point for 6-6 in the fifth, which would have sent the match into a seventh hour and spinning into outer space.

So Andy Murray's wait for a first grand slam title goes on. I've heard people say that he's soft between the ears, or that he struggles with the big occasion at the sharp end of grand slams. While I'd agree to some extent with the second comment (though not at all with the first), his main problem is that he's human, albeit a human who happens to be very good with a racket in his hand. After last night I wonder whether Djokovic and Nadal are human at all.

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