Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm sick of this

This will be a quick post I hope. My weekend was a complete write-off. At about 3pm on Friday my nose started dripping like a tap. I got through those last two hours of work but I've had sinus headaches pretty much all the time since then. This is a recurrence of what I had last month (and never fully recovered from). I took today off work and didn't go to tonight's autism group. I'll try and get a good night's sleep and maybe go in tomorrow, although I'll have to leave work early (and presumably make up time later in the week) because I'm seeing the shrink at 3pm. My sinus problems and the other problem have certainly made life difficult for me since I moved into this place. I've hardly thought about buying or moving furniture, which would be like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

Sadly I had to pull out of Saturday's tramp - would have been a lovely day for it too. The furthest I've been since Friday is the market on the corner of Willis and Vivian Streets; even that felt like an expedition.

This morning at around ten I realised I hadn't taken my pills for the day, then as I was about to pop open the packet I noticed I'd missed yesterday's pills entirely. It's been years since I knowingly missed a dose, but everything is out of whack at the moment.

The good news is that mentally I'm feeling better since my change of role. My anxiety levels at work - once I'd got Monday out of the way - were several notches lower than in my other job. Long may that continue. I had an enjoyable evening with Rose on Thursday - she and I have more in common than I realised.

My parents were very supportive of me when I told them of my trials and tribulations at work. They were away at the weekend - a very pleasant one at Moeraki and Hampden in their caravan - but Mum was worried when I didn't answer her texts.

Dad is coming up here on Wednesday for six days. That's given me some motivation to rearrange those deckchairs. I'll see how the shrink goes. I'm a little wary of psychiatrists but at least this one won't cost me hundreds.

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