Sunday, July 8, 2012


Planet Dinosaur is on telly. The commentator used the word thagomizer - which is a word for a spiky weapon that some dinosaurs had - and after hearing it a few times I thought, hey, that's not a real word! I Googled it and turns out it is a made-up word.

After staying up to watch Wimbledon two nights in a row, while still recovering from a cold, I feel like I've been thagomized. On Friday I watched Federer's upset four-set win over Djokovic who wasn't at his best. Still Djokovic looked the likely winner until the end of the third set; the last point of that set was absolutely huge for Federer, and boy did he have to work hard for it. I sensibly went to bed at half-two before Murray's win over Tsonga, but watching last night's women's final was the real killer for me. The good news I suppose is that I've rekindled my interest in a sport that was once passionate about. I'd like to watch Murray's bid to become the first Brit (OK, he's Scottish first, British second) to win a grand slam for over seventy years, but I don't think I will.

There's now a programme on telly about smart phone addiction. I just don't understand this need to be connected all the time. I really don't.

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