Sunday, January 6, 2013

A simpler life

I got back two hours late on Wednesday; as we came into land we were buffeted by winds that reached gale force that evening. I was fortunate not to be stranded at Christchurch overnight. I'll try and avoid Jetstar next time. It's nice to be back. My time in Geraldine made me feel even more alone than I did already. On the flip side, the fact that I don't (and will probably never) lead an interdependent existence makes my life a helluva lot simpler (note I didn't say easier).

On Thursday I really couldn't be arsed with work, and with my boss (and most of the office) being away, that didn't matter too much. My motivation did improve on Friday. It's been a bit of a "nothing" weekend. Yesterday I went to the market, then got my hair cut, trying not to talk any more than was necessary. I looked at dartboards in Rebel Sport next door to the barber's but didn't buy one. Last night I saw my cousin; we talked at length about my brother's "situation". Today I saw Julie but didn't stay for long - I struggled to keep awake in this hot weather (we hit 28 today).

I've just started reading Nick Hornby's How To Be Good which seems to be about relationships, interdependence and all that stuff that's foreign to me :) It's very funny though.

I see that the average house price in both Takapuna and Devonport has crept above $1 million. Holy moly. That is the average (i.e. mean) however, not the median, so it's skewed by those outliers that sell for several million.

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