Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wishful thinking

It was wishful thinking that I might be over this yucky patch. I didn't feel too bad this morning. I watched the darts - two very good quarter-finals that both went down to the wire, each going to a tie-break in the final set. I noticed that Kirk Bevins (Countdown champion and now a trainee actuary) was the announcer for the second match. After that I felt I should actually do something constructive but even just a short walk was a major effort. I felt like I could collapse at any moment. Martin came over just after 3pm, and some human contact was just what I needed, even if I couldn't stop myself from yawning. I asked him if there were any vacancies at his work, even though I wouldn't fancy my chances of holding down a new job for any length of time right now. We played a game of chess, and I was all at sea ("so you're just offering me your knight?!") but I actually lost more slowly than I guessed I might. He then stayed for dinner - I just used some leftover turkey and ham and boiled up some vegetables. I was more than happy for him to stay - even though I was feeling like crap, I figured that being alone would make me feel even worse. Martin wolfed down that food with incredible speed, and didn't leave a scrap. Surprisingly he asked if we could play Scrabble. I fared a bit better than in the chess (and got better selections than in the game on Boxing Day), winning by 320 to 175, despite getting an unplayable Q near the end.

I'm less tired now than I was several hours ago, but with work tomorrow I should probably think about hitting the sack.

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