Monday, January 20, 2014

Tennis - at various levels

Today I played tennis, for the first time in ages, with the Meetup group. It was stupidly windy out there (wind must play a huge part in Wellington interclub competition). We didn't play any games, which was probably just as well. One of the guys had never played before, and didn't seem to care that he couldn't keep any kind of rally going, or even hit the ball a lot of the time. I didn't care much either, but I would have felt extremely self-conscious in his situation. He kept talking about "Sanchez shots" as if someone called Sanchez was currently a top-ranked male tennis player. We later ascertained that he meant Sampras. As for me, I enjoyed the hit-out and wouldn't mind getting back into it properly if I could find the time.

When I got home after tennis, Ana Ivanovic had just taken the second set in her shock three-set win over Serena Williams. I was happy with that result - I've never been a huge Serena fan, and I remember seeing Ivanovic as a teenager in 2005 and I was mighty impressed with her. There was some drama as Serena served at 2-5 in the final set. She was (rather unfairly) given a time violation, and responded by taking virtually no time in between points. She hung onto her serve, saving a match point, but Ivanovic served out to love, beating the player everyone said was unbeatable. It was a great performance, regardless of any injury Serena might have had, and any of the dozen players left in the tournament has a chance of lifting the trophy.

I've just updated my CV, but I guess I need several versions. It's tricky - I'm saying, look, this is what I've done for the last ten years, but that's all irrelevant because now I don't want to do anything remotely like it.

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