Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Floating skyscraper

This is a photo of the Queen Mary 2 which I took from my flat at 8am yesterday as it arrived in Auckland. It has a capacity of 2600, giving it roughly the same population as the town of Geraldine where my parents live. It was the height of the ship that really blew me away - it's a veritable floating skyscraper. I'm lucky to get such a great view from my apartment, though I guess I pay for it in my rent. Seeing colossal ocean liners and cruise ships (there's a difference apparently) helps put things in perspective for me. The world is a big place and whether I win my next tennis match or achieve absolutely nothing at work hardly matters in the grand scheme of things. Shortly after 10 last night the ship's horn sounded and the Queen Mary 2 was off to Sydney, all lit up, to the sound of the Macarena of all things.
Today was another maddening day at work. At least I've come off Sunday's lows, so my concentration wasn't too bad, but I really don't know what I'm doing there any more. The job I was given this afternoon was to obtain data about health policies on a particular system that go through five-year reviews. At 4:45 my boss informed me that she wanted this information by the end of the day. There were a few snags though. For a start, I didn't even know if we ever sold any health policies on this system. Maybe she was just testing me, in which case I failed miserably. As for finding policies with five-year reviews, let alone any reliable data concerning those policies, heaven knows what I was supposed to do. There was nobody I could ask, certainly not at that short notice. And what, if anything, was the information going to be used for anyway?
The last two nights I've managed to play my favourite form of tennis, the one that doesn't involve scoring. That means I can just whack the ball without worrying too much about where it goes - a good stress reliever after a frustratingly pointless day at work.

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