Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weird day

One of my goals has been to get more sleep. Went to bed at 10:30 last night (happy with that though I was trying for 10:15) but didn't get to sleep for ages. Slept right through my alarm this morning and woke up at 7:22. My grandmother rang me as I was in the middle of shaving - was great to get a call from her and was a shame we couldn't have talked for longer, though as it turned out we might as well have done. It's amazing how good she sounds on the phone now. Got to work about 15 minutes late. My head was completely scrambled and I couldn't concentrate on anything. People were asking me questions about work I'd done previously and I was embarrassingly tongue-tied. I spent the whole morning moping around the office, staring at the carpet or blankly into space, or sitting at my desk with my head in my hands. I would try to summon up every ounce of my brain power to do a simple task, but it wasn't enough. By 1pm I had achieved nothing (or perhaps even less than nothing) and was getting more and more frustrated so I went home.

I was tired and completely lacking energy so had a bit of a doze in the park and a walk along the waterfront. Then remembered my next tennis match was only two days away - would I be in any fit state to play? - so I went to the club to hit against the wall. I needed the exercise. A kid was practising so for some reason I drove to Beresford Street where I lived a few years ago. When I got back the wall was free so I hit against it, getting more and more frustrated. What on earth has happened to my forehand?! In the last year it has gone to pieces and I can't figure out why. Eventually I snapped and slammed my racket against my head and then the metal pole which the netting was attached to. I then stood there for a few minutes, with a sore head, dumbstruck. My racket is still entirely usable, but that's hardly the point.

Figuring I could perhaps benefit from a different form of exercise I decided I'd go for a swim in the sea. After staring at the sand for a while, I got in. It had been a hot day and the water was a lovely temperature. I swam out to the yellow 5-knot buoy and back - quite a long way actually - and felt better for it. Though it was quite late I resisted the temptation to get a takeaway.

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