Sunday, February 15, 2009

Le Trésorier

When I woke up this morning I felt shattered, despite getting about nine hours sleep. I couldn't feel my arms and legs at all. I got up eventually, then checked my email. Dammit, the AGM at the Alliance Française was at 10, not in the afternoon as I thought. Made my way over to Browns Bay and got there just in time for the meeting to start. The turnout, mostly of people twice my age, was surprisingly high (the meeting had originally been held just before Christmas but we didn't get a quorum). I really did not want to be Treasurer for another year. I'm way too disorganised for that kind of thing and I joined the club to speak French (even if I am too timid to speak it most of the time), not to write out cheques and receipts. It looks like I might escape the Treasurer role but will probably still be on the committee in some capacity. People hung around for coffees and nibbles after the meeting; I spent most of the time staring out the window. Apparently the Community Centre is also used by the "Elite Table Tennis Club" which, from the photo attached to the notice board, seems to consist of four elderly blokes. Scores are written down, but curiously only those where the loser got fewer than ten points. George isn't doing that well. Malcolm has just thrashed him 21-3, a result which was highlighted as the record lowest score.

Went to the tennis club in the afternoon, but only played briefly. Wasn't a lot of fun. Anything white seemed blindingly bright while the sound of ball on racket appeared louder than normal. I was double-faulting all over the place and was generally hopeless. And I have to play interclub tomorrow. Heaven knows what will happen there.

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